Topic 4: Improving classroom practice

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Many people harbour a romantic notion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as distant primitive people living in remote communities.

The reality is that more than eighty per cent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people actually live in urban settings.

Working with local communities to locate and identify suitable resources will enrich your teaching and make learning more meaningful and relevant for your students.

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School and community partnerships

Enhancing schools’ capacity to partner Aboriginal communities to improve student learning.

Utilise local expertise

Today, IEWs carry out much the same responsibilities as they did 50 years ago and work in schools where significant numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are enrolled.

Australian cross-curriculum priorities

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander priority provides opportunities for all learners to deepen their knowledge of Australia by engaging with the world's oldest continuous living cultures.

Illustrations of practice

Concepts: use of AITSL Illustrations of Practice


Suggested readings for Topic 4: Improving classroom practice

Evaluating texts

Activity: Use a range of criteria to evaluate texts used in classrooms.

Digital content in your classroom

Activity: The Scootle repository of digital learning content at contains over 1500 resources on Indigenous Australia.

Working with IEWs as teaching partner

Activity: Ask for an IEW’s advice in planning and decision-making.

Cultural protocols in your first school

Activity: Imagine that you have graduated from your course and you are working in your chosen field.

Plan a unit on reconciliation

Assessment: Prepare a unit of work to better understand the impact that colonisation has had on the rights, recognition and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Profile your school

Assessment: Profile a potential school in which you could be posted for your first appointment.

Topic review

A review of the concepts included in Topic 4: Improving Classroom Practice.