Topic 1: Respect, Relationships and Reconciliation

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The first topic in this Module — Respect, Relationships and Reconciliation — enables you to explore your personal and professional values in relation to these ‘3Rs’.

The dominant culture underpins the curriculum of many schools and influences its content, as well as the skills, processes and values promoted in schools.

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Welcome to Country

A 'Welcome to Country' is a practice in which an Indigenous custodian or Elder from a particular traditional area in Australia welcomes people to their land through speech, ceremony or music.

Respect, Relationships, Reconciliation

A short film by Reconciliation Australia that embodies the values of Respect, Relationships and Reconciliation.

Human rights

Rights describe the freedoms, obligations and responsibilities people have in relation to the state (government and or authority).

Readings: Topic 1

Suggested readings for Topic 1: Respect, relationships, reconciliation

Welcome to Country via GPS

Activity: Download a Welcome to Country app and explore welcomes by traditional owners via GPS on your phone.

Showing respect

Activity: In this activity you will have the opportunity to think about what respect means to you and your peers.

Kinship relationships

Activity: Exercises to demonstrate the importance of relationships in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander society.

Timeline of Indigenous Australia

Activity: Review significant events in the Reconciliation Australia Share Our Pride time line.

Visions of Reconciliation

Activity: Reflect on the vision of Reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australians.

Resources for human rights

Activity: Review national and international perspectives on relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in contemporary society and how they relate to the worldview of Indigenous Australians

A personal Reconciliation Action Plan

Develop a personal Reconciliation Action Plan.

Topic review

Review the concepts, activities and assessment tasks in Topic 1.