Kinship relationships

Aboriginal kinship module

Activity: Explore the Kinship Learning Modules from the University of Sydney.

Relationships and interconnectedness underpin Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of thinking, being, relating and seeing.

Kinship Learning Modules

  • Welcome and acknowledgment
  • Nations, Clans, and family groups
  • Moiety
  • Totems
  • Skin Names
  • Language and traditional affiliations
  • Lines of communication
  • Disconnected lines

This wheel shows the outcomes and impact of the eight modules.

Further information about Aboriginal kinship is available from the Central Land Council: <>

Respectful relationships

Form ‘jigsaw’ style groupsJigsaw Classroom of 4 and choose one of the following topics to report back to your group to form a list of actions that could be undertaken to promote respectful relationships:

  • building relationships
  • showing respect
  • working partnerships
  • cultural awareness

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