Knowledge and cultural bias

Different Knowings

Activity: Explore activities about Indigenous knowledge systems and cultural bias

Cultural bias – the Koori IQ test

Take the Koori IQ test and consider the idea of knowledge in context.

Cultural bias in testing

Koori IQ test:

Knowledge systems

…it is possible that you have managed to live without having to operate outside of knowledge systems that are familiar to you, or to shift the paradigm through which you view the world in order to make sense of things.

In groups, brainstorm together your understandings of knowledge systems. You may like to consider and discuss the following questions:

  • Which knowledge system do you most relate to?
  • Name other knowledge systems and list any differences.
  • What do you know about Indigenous knowledge systems?

Use the following resource provided for the International Baccalaureate to research Indigenous knowledge systems

Marie Battiste talks about knowledge as the key site for decolonisation:

  • Is knowledge value-neutral ?
  • Whose knowledge is valued in education systems?
  • To what extent would the knowledge system one identifies with affect one’s education?
  • To what extent do you think your understandings of knowledge systems as a beginning teacher will affect the education of your students?

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