Reflect on your values

Assessment objective

Compose an essay entitled How did I come to be what the world has made of me?

The essay is to be approximately 1500–2000 words in length.


Since our way of framing the world and acting in it is often linked to a way of being (identity formation), reflect on and explore your views, biases, actions and reactions based on how you frame your identities. For instance, how do I view and have also acted in a multi-cultural Australia based on how my identity was formed?

Review your values and the critical definition of key terms, e.g., gender, social class, identity, values, culture and education, to consider how identity relates to a reconciled nation.


Drawing on your reading, as well as your own experiences, compose an essay of approximately 1,500-2000 words in length.Assessment

Consider the extent to which your social, cultural and economic background have played a part in shaping you in specific ways to be the unique individual that you are.Consider the following guide questions and instructions:

  1. Reflect on whether your social, cultural and economic background has meant that you have certain advantages or disadvantages.
  2. What are some links between personal identity, values, culture, economic standing and education?
  3. Identify specific life events or experiences (within the family or community) that have contributed in the formation of your identity.
  4. How do I view multi-cultural Australia based on how my identity was formed?

If these questions upset you and you would like to speak to someone, contact your university’s counselling service or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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