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In their summary of anti-racism strategies that work, Pedersen, Walker, Rapley, & Wise (2003, p. 5) state:

[T]he literature suggests that the best possible strategy for combating racism is multi-faceted, and developed in accordance with the specific and local circumstances of the community for which it is intended.

[A] dynamic, iterative and consultative approach, using both ‘top-down’ strategies (e.g., community or institutionally instigated action, such as advertising campaigns targeting specific actions or behaviours.

An example of this approach is the successful HIV/AIDS prevention Grim Reaper campaign) and ‘bottom-up’ strategies (e.g., addressing specific racist behaviours), is more likely to succeed than are replications of ‘one-size fits all’ programs, without due regard for local community concerns and political sensitivities around the issues of entitlement, dispossession, racism and prejudice.

Racism: It Stops with Me

RACISM: IT STOPS WITH ME is a community campaign by the Human Rights Commission that aims to:

  • ensure more Australians recognise that racism is unacceptable in our community
  • give more Australians the tools and resources to take practical action against racism
  • empower individuals and organisations to prevent and respond effectively to racism.

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Pederson, A, Walker, I, Rapley, M & Wise, M 2003, ‘Anti-Racism—What works? An evaluation of the effectiveness of anti-racism strategies’, prepared for the Office of Multicultural Interests, Centre for Social Change & Social Equity, Murdoch University, Perth.