Investigating prejudice

Don't make assumptions

Activity: What does prejudice look like, feel like or sound like?

From images available in the public domain select one image from the Gallery that in some way reflects a time when you felt discriminated against, or you saw someone being discriminated against.

Gallery of images (PDF file; 44 images)

Explain your choice to your group.

Select another image that reflects your understanding of inclusion. Explain your choice to your group.

As a group or class complete a ‘Y Chart’ for each of the following questions:

  1. What does prejudice look like/feel like/sound like?
  2. What does inclusion look like/feel like/sound like?


A Y Chart example A Y Chart example

Once you’ve considered prejudice and inclusion answer the following reflection questions:

  • How inclusive do you believe Australian society to be? Justify your answer.
  • In what ways can you create an inclusive classroom environment?

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