Know your students

Aboriginal schoolgirls on a bench

Module 2: Know your students

Know your students examines aspects of Australia’s shared history and the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, communities and perspectives, and the role schooling plays in improving educational outcomes for Indigenous students.

Knowing your students is one of the universal principles of good teaching.

When we talk about knowing your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, there is another dimension –  learning about language and cultural backgrounds that may be different from our own.

Module 2 provides concepts, learning activities and assessment tasks to support the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Focus Area 1.4):

Strategies for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students [Graduate level]

Explore the Module 2 topics below through the Topic Overview or Get Started links.

Topic 1: High expectations

Reflect on how your expectations of students impact on learning and teaching outcomes in your classroom.

Topic 2: Supportive classrooms

Gain insights and understanding into making your classroom more supportive and culturally inclusive.

Topic 3: Inclusive pedagogies

Explore your your teaching can better cater for students with a range of language and cultural backgrounds and educational needs.

Topic 4: Building positive relationships

Enhance your knowledge and skills to establish and maintain positive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their parents or caregivers.