Positive reinforcement

Awesome expectations

Activity: Consider the impact of praise and positive reinforcement on teaching and learning.

Carol Dweck and her colleagues have conducted research around the relationship between a student’s mindset and a student’s beliefs about themselves as a learner – what and how we praise, as educators, can encourage certain types of mindsets in our students.

  • What kinds of praise/reinforcement would you use with students who do well at a task?
  • What would you say and or do (actions)?

The Effect of Praise on Mindsets


Consider the following:

  • which self theory do you think most represents your own mindset?
  • does this challenge your notions of praise?
  • can you see a relationship between creating a growth mindset classroom and establishing high expectations for your students?
  • Dweck argues that when educators create ‘growth mindset classrooms’ that equality happens. Can you see any connections between equality, ‘growth mindset classrooms’ and high expectations?
  • does this challenge your notions of what students are capable of?
  • does this challenge your notions of what educators are capable of?
  • does this research have implications for how you teach Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students? Explain your answer.