Topic review

Module 2 review

High expectations

This topic outlines the importance of having high expectations of our students as well as what teachers need to do to enact high expectations in the classroom and the school community.

In order to achieve this the topic examines the importance of reflecting on our unconscious beliefs and assumptions to challenge deficit thinking.

This topic also outlines the characteristics of effective teachers and strategies to support teachers in the classroom such as positive reinforcement and the importance of identity in success.

Questions for review:

  • What are the possible impacts of teachers having either low or high expectations of their students?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of an individual teacher enacting high expectations across the whole school community as well as in his/her classroom?
  • Outline how a teacher’s practice could be reviewed against the characteristics of effective teachers.

Choose one Focus Area of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers where you could apply  the knowledge and skills you have gained from Topic 1, such as:

3.1 Profesional practiceEstablish challenging learning goals

Set learning goals that provide achievable challenges for students of varying abilities and characteristics. (Graduate level)

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Graduate teachers)

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