Inclusive pedagogies portfolio

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Assessment objective

Commence an ‘Inclusive pedagogies’ portfolio by completing the activities listed below.



  1. Discuss the following question, providing evidence from at least 3 readings to support your argument: What are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and do you agree that we need to include Indigenous perspectives within the curriculum ?
  2. Choose a key learning area and a year level and create a lesson that provides an Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspective activity for students.
  3. Choose an Indigenous community organisation or group in your local area or region. Discuss the role of the group/organisation and suggest ways in which you could utilise them in a teaching environment.
  4. Outline your understanding of the need for building a classroom learning environments that are based on ‘effective teacher-student engagement’.
  5. Detail the specific strategies you would use in the classroom to make learning engaging, accessible and culturally responsive for Aboriginal students.
  6. Reflect on what you consider to be the teacher’s role in achieving an inclusive learning environment.
  7. What do you see as the teacher’s role in contributing to student outcomes, equality and quality of school education for all students?