Difference and young children

Dingoes are not Dogs

Activity: Teach young children to be comfortable with difference.

Activity 1

Using the Racism No Way website, and focussing on the teaching resources for years K-3, break up into small groups and choose one of the activities from the theme ‘Being comfortable with difference’ to teach to your group.  http://www.racismnoway.com.au/teaching-resources/anti-prejudice-activities/

Activity 2

As a class or in small groups read through the book, Dingoes are not Dogs by Chris Sarra.

  • In your small groups discuss the main theme/s in the book.
  • In your groups design an activity based around the theme in Dingoes are not Dogs that you will teach to the other groups in your next tutorial.

Activity 1 requires small group access to a website and Activity 2 requires access to the book Dingoes are not Dogs, by Chris Sarra, Budburra Books, 2011.