Inclusive pedagogy

Hands of different colours and patterns reaching together

The word ‘pedagogy’ is derived from the Greek word paidagogos, which in English translates to ‘teacher of children’; according to the Collins Dictionary it means ‘the principles, practice, or profession of teaching’.

Currently, the word pedagogy is used widely and covers a variety of teaching and learning activity. Therefore, when the term ‘inclusive pedagogies’ is used, it refers to most of what happens in the classroom and is in itself an apt description of the learning environment.

Inclusive pedagogy is a method of working with students from diverse backgrounds that provides a variety of content which integrates aspects of their language and cultural backgrounds in dynamic practices. It recognises individuals’ learning styles with a range of assessment methods and aims to promote good academic outcomes and importantly, social, cultural, and emotional well-being.

An aspect of inclusive pedagogy could be to select culturally relevant curriculum and texts that recognise, incorporate and reflect students’ heritage, language and culture.