Topic review

Module 2 review

Inclusive pedagogies

This topic has focused on the importance of inclusive pedagogy, that is culturally appropriate and that fosters a stimulating learning environment to address the learning needs of all students.

The topic has included activities and assessments giving you the opportunity to think deeply about inclusion and diversity as well as equity.

Questions for review:

  • How would you explain the relationship between inclusion, diversity and equity?
  • Outline some practical strategies to improve outcomes for your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
  • How do you see your role in contributing to student outcomes and is it different to how you see the role of the Principal? If so, how and why?

Choose one Focus Area of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers where you could apply  the knowledge and skills you have gained from Topic 3, such as:

3.2 Plan, structure and sequence learning programsProfessional knowledge

Plan lesson sequences using knowledge of student learning, content, and effective teaching strategies. (Graduate level)

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Graduate teachers)

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