Know your students

Extract from cover of John Hattie book 'Visible learning for teachers'

Activity: Make time to get to know your students.

Making time for you to get to know each of your students and for them to get to know you is an important step in the process of building positive relationships in a supportive classroom.

Stereotypes and labelling can unfairly distort our expectations of our students, and research has shown this to have significant effects on student achievement and success at school.

Activity 1

Form groups ( you could use the Jigsaw strategy for this activity). Each group can be given one of the following summaries of the work of the educational researchers Rosenthal and Jacobs in the 1960s to read:

  1. In your group list the key point/s from Rosenthal and Jacobs on a big piece of paper.
  2. Each group should report back to the class at least one key point (repeat until all points have been covered).
  3. Groups then discuss what this means for them and their practice as educators.

Repeat this process by choosing one chapter from the following summary on the work of John Hattie (there are nine chapters) and if you have time each group could discuss and share their response to the Discussion Questions for their chapter on page 10:

Detailed version:

Short version:

Dr Chris Sarra on Indigenous education

Activity 2

In groups develop an informative and entertaining presentation for your class on one area of relevant research on the role of educators within a supportive classroom, and which includes a short reflection on your own take home message/s for educators.

Image: Extract from cover of John Hattie’s book Visible Learning for Teachers