Review media or text

Screen shot from Charlie's country, with Assessment caption

Assessment objective

Write a critique of no more than 750 words using the following format and present it to a tutorial group.

  • Title
  • Date of production (film)/publication (book)
  • Director (film)/Author (book)
  • Main actors (film)/characters (book)
  • Synopsis: a brief outline or general view of the film
  • Critique: your critical comments about the film/book
  • Overall rating (provide scale, e.g. 1-5, 1 = poor and 5 = excellent),


Review criteria

A book/film review is noAssessmentt simply a summary of the plot. It should be a critical evaluation of the book/film and contain your own reaction to it. When you review a book/film you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the book/film about (main theme, issues raised, etc)?
  • Who is the audience the book/film is aimed at (students, academics, general)?
  • Is the level of language suitable for this audience (style)?
    • Was it easy to read/watch or did it overuse jargon?
  • What is the author’s/film-maker’s background?
    • Is she/he qualified to write/present on this topic?
  • What were your reactions to the book/film – the characters and events?
    • Were the issues raised dealt with appropriately or satisfactorily?
  • What are the worldviews reflected in the film?
    • Is there a dominant worldview in the book or film?
    • What is your analysis of these dominant and dominated worldviews?
  • Is the book/film reflective of mono or multiculturalism?
    • How are these portrayed?
    • What are the impacts of cultural diversity in our contemporary society?

Image: Video still from YouTube (Charlie’s Country)