Reconciliation timeline

David Unaipon

Activity: Consider events that have had an impact on rights and recognition.

As a group, view the Reconciliation timeline resource (PDF file) produced by Reconciliation Australia in 2017 as a means of highlighting events that have made an impact on the rights and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  • Read through the list of timeline events and invite students to share further information or ideas that they may have about any particular event, as well as to identify those events which they feel they would like to learn more about.
  • Encourage each student to select one event from the timeline to research. Support them to create an information poster about their chosen event to contribute to a whole-class reconciliation timeline on the wall (soft copy posters can also be posted on tutorial group e-Learning websites in the case of external students, and as a means of archiving work for later viewing/revisiting).
  • Students can then volunteer (or can be selected) to explain and discuss their poster with their peers in a pair-based or whole-class context.  Explain to students that information gained through this activity will prepare them to complete later assessment activities in this Topic.

It may be useful for students to engage with the 2016 National Reconciliation Week themeOur History, Our Story, Our Future—to support them with understanding the conceptual framework and contemporary relevance of this activity.