Working with IEWs as teaching partner

Overhead view of young student drawing at desk

Activity: Seek advice from Indigenous Education Workers.


Perso & Hayward (2015) suggest that you ask for an IEW’s advice in planning and decision-making.

You can read storying from Indigenous Education Workers here:


If you have the opportunity, ask an IEW the following questions about your learning activity/event:

  • What is the [local] Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander perspective on this topic or event?
  • How do you suggest I teach this?
  • For this activity, will children work best in groups or individually?
  • Which children cannot sit or work together for cultural or family reasons?
  • How do you suggest I deal with this student?

(Perso & Hayward 2015)

From your reading, can you identify other questions you might add to the above list?


Perso, T & Hayward C 2015,  Teaching Indigenous Students: Cultural awareness and classroom strategies for improving learning outcomes. Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest, NSW.