School and community partnerships

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Partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities enhance schools’ capacity to  improve student learning and wellbeing.

Community partnerships allow for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives to be incorporated in the curriculum, resulting in a sense of pride and belonging for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, while giving all students the opportunity to learn about Australian histories and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Community partnerships also provide important avenues for consultation with the community about education matters. ‘Consulting with Aboriginal communities should always be seen as a two-way process, with both parties learning together and from each other’ (Board of Studies NSW 2008).


The following resources provide an introduction to school and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community partnerships:


Board of Studies NSW 2008,  Working with Aboriginal Communities: A Guide to Community Consultation and Protocols, revised edn, viewed 1 September 2016, <>.

Image: Extract from banner of Same Kids, Same Goals website