Cultural protocols in your first school

Yumi Education

Activity: Observe cultural protocols at your school.

Imagine that you have graduated from your course and you are working in a new school.

You need to establish a relationship or network with the people of Zenadth Kes:

  • You will make initial contact and then visit.
  • Select the relevant organisations for your field of work.
  1. With whom will you make contact?
  2. Outline the steps that you take to make contact and organise your first visit.
  3. What cultural protocols will you need to observe in your preparation i.e. when writing to individuals and groups, or speaking with them by phone?
  4. List the cultural protocols that you will need to observe when you are in Zenadth Kes and
    1. organising meetings;
    2. opening meetings;
    3. visiting places;
    4. organising transport;
    5. staying in a community;
    6. deciding what to wear;
    7. speaking with individuals and groups;
    8. speaking with groups in which there are members of the opposite gender; and
    9. receiving a gift.


TSRA Cultural Protocols Guide for TSRA Staff, February 2011

Whilst this guide has been written for TSRA staff, it is useful for anyone wanting to do business with the people of Zenadth Kes, as is the next document.

Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy and Development 2001 Mina Mir Lo Ailan Mun: Proper communication with Torres Strait Islander People. Available at