Plan a unit on reconciliation

David Unaipon, with Assessment caption

Assessment objective

A unit of work: reconciliation in learning units.

Assessment Assessment

Prepare a unit of work for one or more of the key learning areas which aims to give students the opportunity to better understand the impact that colonisation has had on the rights, recognition and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and the importance of reconciliation in present day Australia.

You may wish to draw on the following resources, produced by Reconciliation Australia, to support you in completing this activity:

  • The State of Reconciliation in Australia report (2016), which highlights what has been achieved under the five dimensions of reconciliation—historical acceptance, race relations, equality and equity, institutional integrity and unity—over time, and makes recommendations on how Australia can progress reconciliation into the next generation.
  • The 2016 Reconciliation Timeline (PDF file), which outlines some of the key events that have made an impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and Australia’s reconciliation journey.
  • The 2016 National Reconciliation Week themeOur History, Our Story, Our Future—which helps to explore the significance of acknowledging and addressing the past, present and future of reconciliation alike.