Profile your school

Teacher with 2 young students, with Assessment caption

Assessment objective

Select a school where you would like to be posted, then prepare a 15 minute peer presentation.

You are preparing to achieve your goal; you will soon be teaching in an Australian school. Four years of hard work is about to pay off. Two all important questions are; where will you be posted and what will your students be like?


AssessmentYou are required to access the following websites to prepare a presentation:

The Our languages website and the My Schools website

Select a school where you would like to be posted, then prepare a 15 minute peer presentation.

In your presentation you will need to provide the following information:

  1. School profile
  • name of school
  • school profile: geographical location, main language (and other languages) spoken, access (road, air, boat), education provision (e.g first year of schooling to post primary)
  • school facts
  • school staff
  • school finances
  • student background including Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA)
  • distribution of students
  • students – boys, girls, FTE enrolments, percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, language background, attendance
  • summary of school satisfaction information.

After presenting the school profile, conclude the presentation with the following:

  1. Possible challenges

Identification of possible challenges (educational as well as personal – capacity and ability). The challenges will be in terms of the pre-identified characteristics of culturally responsive pedagogy, i.e., in terms of identity, diversity, multiculturalism, race-related issues, etc.

  1. Possible responses

After identifying the challenges, creatively and critically imagine how you would respond to them.

You can be as creative as you like in preparing a Power Point Presentation, remembering the need to engage and inform your audience.