Using 3Rs

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The 3Rs suite of unit modules and resources is intended to be used by teacher educators in flexible ways, such as:

  • Making 3Rs content, activities and assessment tasks available for students
  • Working through content and activities in the 3Rs modules as a professional learning opportunity for education faculty.
  • Reviewing the range of teacher education and school resources and how these may be incorporated in university units of study.
  • Utilising the 3Rs glossary of terms and related definitions, links and activities.

The suite of resources can be presented in the form of a professional learning opportunity, enabling university faculty staff to reflect on a range of learning and cultural approaches and activities for their students. Following is a summary of survey responses from faculty staff in 2014.

3Rs use: Initial Teacher Education Survey, 2014

In 2014, staff in schools and faculties of education reported how they were using 3Rs resources:


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