Perceptions of Indigenous units of study

Teacher education focus group findings

RRR betaAs part of the development of the 3Rs teacher education unit to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, a series of focus groups were conducted in April 2013.

These focus groups captured the perceptions of initial teacher education students during or immediately after their study.

Note: All participants were non-Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices are captured elsewhere in the MATSITI project).

Summary of findings:

  • Significant variation between individuals in the amount of exposure to Indigneous education in their teacher education study.
  • Varying levels of knowledge and understanding of the AITSL standards.
  • Endorsement that graduates need to gain the the necessary knowledge and skills espoused in AISTL standards 1.4 and 2.4
  • Agreement that they, as non-Indigenous teachers, needed to be able to teach about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. However this requirement presented some challenges and anxiety for participants
  • Almost all participants expressed concern about the skills needed for classroom practice.
  • Participants found it difficult to discuss anti-racism strategies.

Download RRR Focus Group Findings (PDF)